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Oranjewoud is now called Antea Group

29 Sep 14

As of January 1, 2014, Oranjewoud Consultancy and Engineering Firm will continue under the name Antea Group. The organization's structure will remain unchanged.

Oranjewoud Consultancy and Engineering Firm was founded over sixty years ago. From its beginnings in the Frisian village of Oranjewoud, it has grown into one of the biggest engineering firms in the Netherlands. In 2005 came the acquisition by entrepreneur Gerard Sanderink, from Twenthe, Netherlands. After that, Oranjewoud made major acquisitions in countries like the US, France and Colombia. Under the name Antea Group, the firm provides consultancy and engineering services around the world.

A Unified Front on the International Market
In the Netherlands, the consultancy and engineering firm has continued to operate under the name Oranjewoud Consultancy and Engineering Firm. This will change on January 1, 2014. "Internationalization offers new opportunities, which is why we want to enter the international market under a single name, to reinforce the group's strength. With over 3500 employees, we will soon be among the top engineering firms in the world," explain Rob van Dongen and Menno Smits, who together make up the Oranjewoud senior management team.

Trusted Values, New Opportunities
In October 2013, Oranjewoud launched a media campaign related to the name change. The main theme is "Trusted values. New opportunities." According to Van Dongen and Smits, "We want to stress that as the Antea Group in the Netherlands, we will continue to provide the same high-quality products and services that our customers have come to expect from us, but with the additional opportunities that a global firm has to offer."

Oranjewoud N.V.
As of January 1, 2014, the name Oranjewoud will be used exclusively for Oranjewoud N.V. This public limited liability company is the top holding company of Strukton Group and Antea Group, among others. Oranjewoud N.V. is listed on the official market of Euronext N.V. in Amsterdam and is 95.56% owned by Centric B.V.