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Unihorn India Pvt. Ltd offers professional services across the board as detailed below for providing Feasibility studies, Detailed Engineering, Project Management and related services for development of Highways. Our understanding of highway engineering is matchless from basic planning to complex design. We employ a multidisciplinary approach to provide comprehensive highways engineering solutions. The group is totally committed to Quality Assurance and Quality measures and every employee is to oath-bound to achieve the laid down standards of quality. Our services in their sector include the following  

    Construction management including procurement,contract administration,delay and claim analysis
    Construction inspection and response to contractor's questions. Roadway maintenance  programs
    Detailed Engineering surveys and Project Investigations
    Highway Operational and Maintenance Management
    Feasibility Studies and Detailed Project Report
    Alignment Option study and Route Selection
    Highway Traffic and Safety Studies Report
    Topographic & Hydrological survey   
    Geotechnical and material survey
    Pavement analysis and design
    Hydrologic/Hydraulic studies
    Major Interchange Designing
    Traffic engineering & studies
    Construction Supervision
    Highway Facilities Design
    Road condition surveys  
    Road/bridges inventory
    Project Management
    Geometric design
    Right of way plan
    Cost Estimation