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Traffic and Transport

“Transport planning, traffic engineering and traffic safety getting the right priorities in place to deliver efficient, reliable and well-planned transportation systems are fundamental to a community's economic prosperity and quality of life”

Economic and population growth, greater urbanisation and increased mobility are boosting demand for new infrastructure and services straining the capacity and effectiveness of existing assets. Single mode approaches are no longer viable as governments and stakeholders recognise the need for multi-modal solutions across the whole integrated network.
Whether we’re working on small-scale traffic projects or extensive national and international planning projects, our number one priority is to create safe and flexible infrastructure and transport systems. To achieve this, we focus on creating the right balance between heavy and light road users
Across the whole transport spectrum of roads and highways, rail bridges and logistics, our team provides integrated transport services throughout the project lifecycle - from initial policy, transport planning, economics and business case advice, through concept, procurement, detailed design and, maintenance and asset management. We help clients develop sustainable solutions which balance infrastructure investment with demand reduction, land use strategies and system efficiencies.

Unihorn India Pvt. Ltd offers professional services across the board as detailed below

Traffic Surveys & Investigations
Evaluations of transport measures
Integrated traffic safety planning
National road safety campaigns
Route Selection and Alignment
Transport planning and design
Freight and public transport
Pre-studies for transport
City-wide transport plans
Traffic Safety Studies
Project Management.
Travel habit studies

Our planning services also include:
Urban logistics.

Road Informatics – Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
Geographic information systems (GIS)
Traffic simulation with micro, meso, and macro simulation
Traffic operation (signals, control systems, etc.)
Demand and impact analyses.
Model development