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Environment and Planning

Environment Management

Unihorn India’s environment and social department is active at every stage to provide environmentally sustainable solutions with respect to land, water, air, forest and biodiversity resources and inclusive planning for social development. Our services are geared towards value creation by achieving the best possible balance between ecological sustainability and socio-economic viability. Key threshold of environmental and social department is its ability to bring qualitative approach to provide the technological innovation to address the issues of environmental problem and take projects from inception to successful implementation. Our capabilities allow us to move multi facet projects through the planning and permitting to construction, helping our clients in the pursuit of environmental clearance, resettlement & rehabilitation plan preparation. Our specialists have provided services for a wide range of facilities including

Environmental Impact Assessment, (EIA)
Environmental Management Plan, (EMP)
Environmental Improvement Plan, (EIP)
Watershed Management Plan,
Environmental Modelling,
Disaster Management Plan,                                
Environmental Action Plan,(EPA)
Environmental Audit,
Risk Assessment

Our capabilities are also gearing up to intervening in a wide spectrum of areas in the field of Social Planning Sector:

Social Impact Assessment
Resettlement and Rehabilitation Planning
Policies and Regulations related to Land Acquisition & Involuntary Resettlement
Poverty, Gender and Child Labor Issues
Mitigation and Enhancement Programs
Community Engagement and NGO Participation in Project Implementation
Monitoring and Evaluation

Our Capability/Domain
The department’s multi-disciplinary & dedicated team of environmental planners, environmental scientists, ecologists, engineers, waste management specialist, social scientists  have expertise & exposure in different facets of projects likely EIA projects (roadways, bridges, ports, thermal power, aviation hub, SEZ, buildings & infrastructure, railways), EMP projects of town,  EAP, Risk Assessment and Disaster Management plan, Restoration and Watershed Management project, Irrigation project, IEE for CETPs, STPs, Sustainable Development Plan, Environmental Improvement Plan, Solid Waste Management Plan, SIA Project, R&R Project, Monitoring & Evaluation Projects. The department is competent in formulating Environmental Management Plan esp. in pulsar effect on the city, Environmental Mapping, Environmental Modelling, Environmental Auditing and Environmental Awareness and Training Program.


 Our Vision:
 A sound professional background enables us to conceive the best possible solutions to clients'