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Unihorn India has rendered consultancy services for Techno Economic Feasibility studies, Planning and Design Airports in India, Extension / Expansion / Strengthening of 14 existing Airports in India, Design of Aircraft Maintenance Hangars, Design of Air Bus Maintenance Workshop, Blast Fence and Run-up Bays and also conducted studies on various aviation related assignments for the Airports Authority of India and other similar  agencies. 


Airport Master Planning.
Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies.
Traffic Projections.
Collection and Analysis of Meteorological Data.
Passenger and Cargo Terminals.
Airfield Pavements (Rigid and Flexible).
Air Traffic Control (ATC) System and Apron Control System.
Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) facilities at Airports.
Planning and design of airport services and utilities.
Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies.
Risk Analysis.
Evaluation of Pavements using Non-destructive Methods of Testing.
Project Management / Construction Supervision.