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Water Resources|Urban water|River and Ports

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Unihorn India is focused to expand its market share in water resources (water resource management, basin planning, canals/dykes/hydraulic structures, flood management & forecasting, modelling, ground water); urban water (water supply, waste water, treatment, drainage, industrial water use, water quality, asset management), river and ports (river management, coastal planning and engineering). Unihorn India is drawing innovative knowledge and global solutions from its Antea group companies based in Netherlands, Belgium and France and using its local knowledge and resources to serve the requirement of public and private clients. Geographical coverage is India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. We focus

Need for Integrated Solutions: 

  • All disciplines and stakeholders involved
  • Entire value chain: from planning, design, supervision, operation and management (O&M)
  • Water, environment & spatial planning
  • Design for financial risk reduction
  • Water risks: prevention, adaptation and mitigation 

From Policy & Design towards Construction:

  •  Clients: public, private, utilities
  •  Integrated contracts (Design & Build & Manage)

Integrated Contracts:

  •  Design, Build, Finance, Manage (DBFM)
  •  "Financial Engineering" and Technical Design

Services and Products:

  •  Flood risk management & early warning
  •  Integrated river basin and catchment management
  •  Engineering of canals, dikes and hydraulic structures
  •  Coastal planning and engineering
  •  River and canal navigation control systems 
  •  Hydro-dynamic modelling
  •  Water governance and institutions
  •  Stakeholder management
  •  Environmental studies / EIAs, planning procedures
  •  Data management and GIS and real time water quality monitoring
  •  Urban water supply, sewerage systems, drainage
  •  Drinking water treatment and Waste water treatment plants
  •  Industrial water treatment and usage
  •  Asset Management
  •  Water stewardship program for private sector clients

River Basin, Coastal and Flood risk management:

  •  Flood risk and policy assessments
  •  Mapping Flood Forecasting and Warnings
  •  Feasibility studies and design
  •  Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  •  Dike safety and risk mapping
  •  River and morphology modelling, sediment modelling
  •  Design of defence height and embankment protection
  •  Evacuation management
  •  Decision Support management
  •  Stakeholders and communication
  •  Institutional and organisation development

Water, nature and spatial planning:

  •  Water policy assessments
  •  Water and Spatial Planning
  •  Feasibility studies and financial costing
  •  Ecology, ecological planning
  •  Water Retention and Nature conservation
  •  EIAs and cost assessments
  •  Groundwater modelling and prediction
  •  Hydrology and hydrological modelling 
  •  Morphology and sediments wetlands
  •  Stakeholders and communication
  •  Institutional development

Water Infrastructure Engineering:

  •  Design of Dikes, levees, locks 
  •  Design of canals and canal structures, inland canal / waterways
  •  Fish migration structures 
  •  Hydraulic structures and pumping systems
  •  Urban water supply, sewer, treatment and drainage systems
  •  Geo-technical engineering: Dike stability, Piping, Settlement, Sheet pile construction

Unihorn India Pvt. Ltd. draws its strength to support the business in water sector in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar with the support its Antea Group companies based in Netherlands, France and Belgium.

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